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MES 2018 Workshop

MES 2018 Workshop
From Energy Research to Bankable Power Practice
Practitioners & Academics Workshop

January 25th 2018,
National University of Lesotho
Roma, Lesotho



Research and practical implementation in the field of decentralized energy have a synergistic relationship, with each one more effective if and when informed by the other. Indeed, the work of practitioners is more effective if guided by established research findings. The work of researchers is more effective if hypotheses stem from practical experience, which betters research, and in turn, practice.

In reality, energy research and practice often run in parallel, with little knowledge exchange and consideration of the other. Energy practitioners, for example, rarely refer to research outputs, even if peer reviewed and reputable, often having discovered early on the irrelevance / unfit of research findings to the practical issues faced. Energy researchers, on the other hand, rarely prioritize engaging in actual practice / implementation, thereby generating research which by no surprise lacks apparent practical relevance.



  • Provide international and local researchers/ academics and local practitioners in Lesotho with a platform for discussion on how to make research more relevant/ fit for practice

  • Enable matchmaking and establishing paths for further joint work between local and international researchers / academics and local private sector actors in Lesotho

  • Inform participants on how to implement research in practice (e.g. spin off creation, etc.). This could include:

    • Innovation management considerations;

    • Examples of product-service systems in the field of energy access in developing economies (e.g. mini grids, distribution models for decentralized RE & EE).

    • Economic / Business Models and bankability in the context of Lesotho / Africa / developing economies; investor perspectives.

    • Case studies of successful research-fueled spin offs; characteristics of international best practice companies

    • Examples of support tools & instruments for the development of projects and business models (different help desks, NGOs, Websites, etc. )


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