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Microenergy Systems Research Group


Welcome to the Microenergy Systems Research Group website.

The MES Research Group is dedicated towards the understanding, improving, innovating and communicating Fair & Sustainable Global Energy Systems Development & Transitions by taking a MicroPerspective.

Taking the MicroPerspective means taking the perspective of citizens, households and SMEs when it comes to energy access and energy transition processes.



For more Information and news updates check out our twitter, facebook and LinkedIn profiles!


MES Conference 2021

This year's MES conference will focus on the topics of decentralized electrification, network interconnection, and local power markets. The online event will take place from March 2nd to 4th 2021. more to: MES Conference 2021

MES Conference 2020 (SIGMI)

Recapitulating, the Sustainable and Inclusive Global Mobility Initiative (SIGMI) aims to educate participants about the current position of sustainable transport, especially in the context of the global South. Furthermore, we want to educate and inform participants about concepts with which they may not have direct contact and how these concepts play a role in sustainable development and the further development of innovative idea generation. The conference will consist of informative talks by experts from different sectors and interactive workshops in which all participants are asked to bring their own views to the discussion. more to: MES Conference 2020 (SIGMI)

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