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Mikroklima - West Africa

The Framework Program Research for Sustainable Development (FONA3) of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) seeks out to supports international partnerships in the area of climate, environment and energy and enhances demand-oriented Research & Development collaborations with emerging and developing countries with high potential markets. One of the projects being supported is the MikroKlima West Africa Project.

In a Nutshell, MikroKlima is a replicable project model to foster Green Microfinance in developing countries to enable Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation strategies at the micro level and develop a micro approach to Climate Change discussion. The main motivation behind the project is that Climate Change Research shows a tendency to look for a global overview of climate issues with mitigation efforts being lead on a global scale. However, effects of Climate Change are already taking place and especially affecting the poorest people. MikroKlima therefore adresses the need for adaption at the micro level.

The project also involves a series of workshops and conferences in different developing countries as well as germany. The main objectives are to:

  • promote the creation of a research network of universities in West / North Africa and Germany

  • define a joint research & development agenda for a micro approach to the topic

  • promote practical research to solve CC-related issues

    • Research question: How can the microfinance sector in West Africa contribute to private households’ and SMEs’ adaptation to and mitigation of climate change through the provision of cleanenergy products and services?


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